These advisors are held to a fiduciary yours?

“While there are many different models for delivering financial services to clients, frankly the fiduciary model is the only one I could ever even consider using. “
Thomas W. Batterman, JD, CTFA

“By holding to a fiduciary standard for my clients, I have launched my role in our relationship from that of a typical ‘advisor’ to that of a true ‘partner’. This has helped me fulfill my desire to serve my clients.”
Michael Collie, CFP, CFPN,CMFC

“I’ve worked on both sides of the fiduciary fence, and it is far more satisfying to be a fiduciary to my clients than to be a financial salesperson. For my clients, working with a planner who is a fiduciary is a relief.”
Liane Warcup, CFP

“I left the Street because I desired to work for my clients – and their interests – 100% of the time. When you remove commissions from financial advice, invariably there is always a better way of doing things. Clients will only get the best advice from an unbiased advisor who is held to a fiduciary standard.”
Jeffrey B. Broadhurst, MBA, CFA, CFP

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