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Halopożyczka is a non-bank institution dealing with short-term loans. A person using her services may take the first loan in the amount of 500 to 2000 PLN. Importantly, the first loan is completely free, provided it is repaid in a timely manner. The entire amount must be paid within 30 days. It is a very convenient method of borrowing.

Halo Loan - take out a loan

Halo Loan – Professional institution

Halo Loan - Professional institution

Halopożyczka is a company that belongs to Primus Finanse Sp. z oo is a Polish broker who has extensive experience in the financial sector. It is about cooperation with banks, loan companies and other institutions related to the industry. The company’s experience proves the prestige of the company, which undoubtedly favors the acquisition of trust from customers.


Building good relationships

Building good relationships

The loan company declares its willingness to establish and maintain positive relations with its clients. By offering payday loans with minimal formalities, they facilitate the lending process for customers who want to save time. They do not have to visit an institution institution or wait long for a connection with a company consultant. The more you should consider using the offer.

Halopożyczka analyzes applications very reliably. Thoroughly checks customer data as well as its presence in debtors’ registers. This allows you to make a responsible decision. Thanks to it, both the lender and the client will not lose on establishing cooperation. Therefore, before we apply for a loan, it is worth taking care of the state of our finances. If it is good, we will undoubtedly not feel the fact that we borrow and we must return the entire amount on time.

Openness to the needs of clients also manifests itself in the willingness to provide support. A customer who needs advice before taking a loan may contact the Customer Service Office. Consultants who work five days a week are ready to give advice. It is worth mentioning that this is not only about issues related to raising money directly. You can also ask about issues regarding home budget management. This is very valuable information for people who want to take a loan reasonably. If such a decision is thought over, it will undoubtedly be easier to pay the payday within the set deadline.

Halopożyczka – PLN 2,000 for free

Halopożyczka - PLN 2,000 for free

Halopożyczka is a great option if you are looking for a company offering payday loans for a short period with the option of extending the deadline or giving the amount in advance. This institution takes into account both possibilities. If we decide on one of these options, we must consult a representative of the company. Before we take a loan, we must remember that the repayment date is never extended automatically. It is up to us to stick to dates that are included in the contract. This is very important information for those who want to reasonably lend.

It is also worth noting that Halopożyczka makes sure that its clients abide by the set deadline for returning the amount borrowed. That is why, at the borrower’s request, he prepares a repayment schedule for him. This is a free service. It will make it easier for the client to comply with the dates set.


Halopożyczka – requirements

Halopożyczka - requirements

In order to become a Halopożyczka client, you must meet several requirements. The condition for getting a break is to have Polish citizenship. In addition, you must be at least 18 and up to 75 years old. If we want to get the first loan for free, we can not have other financial obligations in this company. The positive decision about granting us a loan will also affect the fact that we will have a positive credit history. This is very important because the loan company checks whether its potential clients are listed in the debtors’ registers. Verifying this information is really important for the good and safety of both the borrower and the institution that provides him financial support.

The registration process at Halopożyczka

The registration process at Halopożyczka

If we meet the conditions highlighted by the loan company, we can apply for a break. In the case of Halopożyczki, it is very simple. To do this, visit the non-bank institution website. There are sliders that will allow the future borrower to choose the amount of interest and the repayment period. After making the right decision, you must complete a simple application online.

Then the customer verification process takes place. The loan company checks the authenticity of the email address and telephone number provided by the customer. Continuation of verification can take place in two ways. One of them is logging in to the customer’s bank account, i.e. Quick Identification. Instead, you can make a verification transfer for PLN 1. Later, the company returns this cost. This serves to confirm the identity of the borrower.

When the data verification process is completed, the client is left to wait for the decision to grant a payday. If it is positive, the money will be transferred to his account. Usually it does not take too long, thanks to which the customer quickly receives the sum he needs.

Halo Loan - take out a loan

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